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The Prophet Apothecary skincare line was mindfully created to revolutionize how we nurture and care for our skin.

We know that true beauty comes from within, so our products work to accentuate the natural beauty that you are, while elevating your human spirit to
be the best version of yourself.


Quality Ingredients

Each product in our skincare line uses natural, clean, and powerful ingredients that are ethically sourced. Our products were thoughtfully formulated by Dr. Roz with a team of biochemists to create high quality skin care solutions that truly work. In our formulas you will find a blend of well known ingredients for skincare and anti-aging, along with herbal ingredients that have been utilized by our ancestors for generations to support healthy, beautiful, and young looking skin. All of our products are cruelty free, backed by scientific research, and made in the USA with the best form of the highest quality ingredients.

In the formulas:


vitamin E

alpha lipoic acid



hyaluronic acid




artichoke extract

ginkgo biloba


cransbill root

vitamine B12

beta glucan


rose water

immortelle essential oil



We at Prophet Apothecary love our planet and value sustainability, along with contributing to a positive over all human experience. This is why we put an emphasis on doing our part as a brand to make a positive impact on the environment and limit waste. All of our products are packed in refillable, recyclable jars, so you can continue to keep using the products you love without producing excess waste.


Liposomal Delivery

The Prophet Apothecary product line was developed using liposomal delivery methods to ensure high absorption, and support skin from the inside out for maximum efficiency. Leaving your skin beautiful and healthy. A liposome is a micro-phospholipid sphere, or small pocket of fat cells, composed of the same material as a cell membrane.When utilized in skincare products, the liposome encapsulates the active ingredients and releases it once it's been absorbed by the skin to ensure the ingredients are getting into your body at the highest level. By using liposomal delivery methods we are able to maximize the benefits of the active ingredients for visible results that last.

Founded from Passion

Prophet Apothecary was created with a passion to develop a line of products that is just as beautiful as they are effective; while leaving our customers feeling beautiful, confident, and inspired. Our products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients for skin care at a high enough percentage to get visible, lasting results. We realize that in the ever growing skin care industry, there are so many products available and it can be difficult for the consumer to feel confident that what they order will work. We wanted to eliminate the guesswork and feelings of skepticism when trying a new product or building a skincare routine and building trust with our customers.

Prophet Apothecary was created with a passion to be the best version of ourselves we can be. The name Prophet is dear to my heart, it is my mother’s maiden name. The crest is her coat of arms and each symbol on our products was carefully chosen from the coat of arms to bring alive the ancestry of wisdom, coming from a long line of healers and doctors. Our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and integrity to provide lasting results and your trust in my brand.


Beauty is from the inside out. It is my promise to you that Prophet Apothecary is the solution to your health and beauty. 


With gratitude,

Dr. Roz

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